John undertakes a range of work in the field of asset planning and has particular expertise in the field of business insurance.

Business insurance

An aspect of asset planning often neglected is the arranging of appropriate business insurance so that client shareholdings and business interests are adequately protected in the event of unexpected death or disablement. Where these shares or business interests are held by trustees, the trustees’ position in relation to prudent investment can also be protected by such arrangements. John assists the insurance sector and private clients in the development and use of appropriate business insurance products, structures and arrangements.

John works with the insurance sector in:

• providing education and training including writing business insurance guides and manuals
• advising and engaging in the design and development of business insurance products one of which was world leading at that time

Business insurance arrangements may require specialist buy/sell deeds and trust documentation, and specific tax advice which John is able to provide (including dealing with the Inland Revenue Department). John generally works with a business person’s own professional advisers.

Succession planning

Asset planning may require client succession planning to ensure a more secure asset base and better income in retirement. Succession planning commonly requires a specific plan and approach with associated legal documentation for a particular client. John has been able to assist a range of clients including professionals in furthering this planning.