New Zealand Trust Reports is an online resource bringing together a collection of full text judgments relating to the law of express trusts from the New Zealand High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Privy Counsil.

This law report series provides an invaluable resource for those actively involved in trust law. It has been designed to meet the increasing need for a centralised database of New Zealand trust cases, making avaliable and easily accessible previously unreported cases (1990 to 1999) and relevant trust cases (2000 to the present day). The series is updated on an ongoing basis.

Cases reported cover:

• The implementation by the courts of trust law, including legal principles and new developments
• Trust interpretation
• Cases which illustrate the courts’ exercise of their discretions under statute or inherent jurisdiction
• Previously unreported judgments referred to by the courts in subsequent decisions or judgments with important features relevant to a trust practitioner

Each case includes a comprehensive headnote to assist with research and to facilitate quicker and better use of the full text judgments. The series has a practical orientation for those actively involved or interested in the law of trusts, whether as a practitioner, professional adviser or in an active trust administration capacity.

LawTalk Review:
New Zealand Trust Reports March 2014

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